embraced while confronting
It is as good as made by human

bloom in a flash

Cherry blossoms almost exist to be seen, but people watch themselves through cherry blossoms.

Only reflected are here

drops of light

An artificial light by me is emitted to the empty sky. To tell I am here. Nature responds in an unexpected way.


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Number is matter

Vending Machines

How to express with something there are many things in the picture?
"Vending Machines" is a project that keeps shooting Coca-Cola vending machines found throughout Japan. It started in 2001. Coca-Cola and vending machines have a symbolic meaning, but what I want to express more than anything is "quantity" itself.

Collecting colors

Printed Colors

At the beginning of my artistic journey, I tried to pick up colors from the streets and express only with them. As we say "colorful", there is not the same color although they are similar.


profile photo

Masahiro Albert Honda

photographer and contemporary artist, living in Tokyo