flowing scenery

Looking out the train window, I often wonders if there is life in such places. I guess another time passes between me on the train and them, and we live in a different time. The thought that we would surely never meet was amplified by the momentary crossing in the passing landscape.(since 2020)


drops of light

This world is made of reflections of light to our eyes. As if in response to the reality that our world is both natural and man-made, I caught the faint drops spilling from the sky with my handheld light. (since 2007)

世界は光の反射からできています。 同様に写真の根源的な機能も、反射された光を掴むことにあります。この作品には、空から届いた自然の光と手持ちの人工の光による反射が混ざりあっていますが、それは、自然と人工は分かち難いという我々の世界の現実に相応しています。

bloom in a flash

Someiyoshino, Japan's representative cherry tree, is said to have been developed as a clone from a single tree. Many Japanese people have an uncommonly strong feeling for cherry blossoms. They look to me as if they are artificial, filled with human activity. (since 2007)



A portrait work combined with a photograph of cherry blossoms 'bloom in a flash'. The series name „Konohanasakuyahime" is a female deity that appears in Japanese mythology, which is said to be the etymology of "cherry blossom". The work is an attempt to evoke the world of myths, which is a mixture of fiction and reality, by removing one layer of photorealism and recordability by combining photographs of cherry blossoms and women that actually exist. (since 2021)

桜の写真(bloom in a flash)と組み合わせたポートレート作品。シリーズ名の「木花咲耶姫(このはなさくやひめ)」は、「さくら」の語源になったとされる日本神話に登場する女性の神様です。桜と女性の力を借り、神話を想起させる別世界を作り出しています。

Number is matter - 数の世界

Vending Machines

How to express the large number on the picture? "Vending Machines" is a project that keeps shooting Coca-Cola vending machines found throughout Japan. Coca-Cola and vending machines have a symbolic meaning, however what I want to express more than anything is "quantity" itself. (since 2001)


Collecting colors - 色を集める

Printed Colors

At the beginning of my artistic journey, I tried to pick up colors from the streets and collect to one picture. (2001)



Name / 名前

Masahiro Albert Honda


Title / 肩書

photographer and contemporary artist, living in Tokyo

Basic philosophy / 基本的な考え

Technology created by us and the nature that we are in it.
I mainly deal with the area of their intersect.
「world, in motion」をテーマに、写真という止まった媒体の中に動きや揺らぎ、うつろいを感じさせる作品を作っています。人が生み出したテクノロジーと、人もその中に含まれる自然。その両者が交わる境界の領域を主な対象にしています。

instagram : @m.a.honda