Here and there
- 此方と彼方

flowing scenery

The epidemic of the COVID-19 has made it difficult to shoot as before. Therefore, taking advantage of the opportunity to move on business, I started shooting from the train window in earnest. I am pondering the life of someone else who lives there in the flowing scenery. (since 2020)


landscape as reflections
- 反射が生み出す風景

drops of light

Everything appears as reflections of light. Landscape works created by mixture of natural and artificial light. (since 2007)

光が我々にもたらしたこの世界。 私は手持ちの光を投げかけ、呼応することにしました。

artificial/human beauty of nature
- 人工的で人間的な自然の美

bloom in a flash

Cherry blossoms almost exist to be seen, but we watch ourselves through them. (since 2007)


Number is matter - 数の世界

Vending Machines

How to express the large number on the picture? "Vending Machines" is a project that keeps shooting Coca-Cola vending machines found throughout Japan. Coca-Cola and vending machines have a symbolic meaning, however what I want to express more than anything is "quantity" itself. (since 2001)


Collecting colors - 色を集める

Printed Colors

At the beginning of my artistic journey, I tried to pick up colors from the streets and collect to one picture. (2001)



Name / 名前

Masahiro Albert Honda


Title / 肩書

photographer and contemporary artist, living in Tokyo

Basic philosophy / 基本的な考え

Technology created by us and the nature that we are in it.
I mainly deal with the area of their intersect.

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